The False Claims Act (FCA) is just one of the handful of federal laws that government contractors must adhere to or they run the risk of prosecution by a federal agency, such as the DOJ or SEC. As cited in an article I recently co-authored, “[t]he civil penalty for FCA violations can be significant, with payments ranging from three times the damages incurred by the government, plus fines of $5,500, to $11,000 for each false claim that is filed or caused to be filed.”

In the article written with Bryan King and Robert Platt that was published by Westlaw Journal – Government Contracts, we outline the best practices a government contractor should follow during an internal investigation to obtain reliable findings and maintain credibility with government enforcement agencies.

The full article, “Contractors in the Crosshairs: Investigations Passing Government Scrutiny,” was published June 22 by Westlaw Journal – Government Contract and is available in the PDF.